Rare parts added today!

  • NEW Bosch crankshafts in stock

    We've just added Bosch crankshafts to our burgeoning range of Messerschmitt parts.  Suits all Messerschmitts from mid 1958 to 1964 or any fitted wi...
  • Many rare parts added this week

    Hi Messerschmitters!  Take a look at the many rare Messerschmitt parts launched on our site this week.  We are trying to market all those hard to f...
  • Exhaust silencer system - including heater

    New in Schmittparts - Exhaust silencer system - including heater
  • New parts added today

    We've added 4 new Messerschmitt parts to our store today! Many more are coming so sign up to our newsletter/blog.
  • Messerschmitt floor mat - save on shipping costs - collect at an event.

    Come to see our sales stand at the MOC rally or the National Micro-car rally.  Save on shipping costs and examine the excellent quality of our new Messerschmitt floor mats.
  • Parts for your Messersschmitt

    We're working hard to find new specialised parts for your Messerschmitt.  Need something special or a rare part - just contact us