Lamp conversion for rear lampholder
original lampholder with rubber retainer.
Lamp conversion for rear lampholder

Lamp conversion for rear lampholder

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Conversion kit to replace original perished rubber lamp-holder with new twin filament lamp and lamp holder.  Includes the following parts:

  1. Lampholder,
  2. Lamp 5w/21w,
  3. fixing screw, nut, and washer
  4. terminal block (connects to existing white and yellow wires)
  • Red wire - connect to white (side lights)
  • Green wire - connect to yellow (flasher)
  • Rear light mounting bracket is not included. 
  • See photo for bracket appearance after drilling out retainer rivet.

Original lamp-holder is shown for comparison

Price is for one - you will usually need 2 (one for each side).