1571 complete wiring harness/loom
1571 complete wiring harness/loom

1571 complete wiring harness/loom

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Schmittparts wiring harness complete for Messerschmitt KR200/KR201 1955 to 1964. part no.1571 complete wiring harness Includes additional wiring assemblies for UK spec supplementary lighting on front wings and rear. These assemblies are omitted for non-UK cars.  Includes 3 separate assemblies for nose, body tube, and tail assembly.
Although more widely known in the automotive industry as a “wiring harness”, the term “wiring loom” is also used. New harnesses/looms now come with the following features:-
  • All correct colour wiring.
  • Original type protective sleeving, wires cut to length, soldered ends, fittings for ignition switch and wiper motor.
  • Correct size front & rear screw connector block fitted and wired.
  • Comprehensive fitting instructions, rubber grommets, a fitted, modified (with the correct bus links).
  • Pre-wired fuse box, with fuses, to complete the package.

Our supplier has tried to do as much as possible to prevent mistakes in re-wiring the Messerschmitt.

MOC website has a complete wiring diagram (free download).  http://www.messerschmitt.co.uk/wiring-diagram-for-kr200/