Brake shoes Aluminium  FMR/RSM part no: 1348

Brake shoes Aluminium FMR/RSM part no: 1348

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Aluminium Brake shoes…  Although these shoes will fit any KR200 1955-64, they were used as OEM equipment from 1955-57.  Obviously, they cost more to manufacture because of the steel reinforcement to the cam area but they significantly reduce the unsprung weight that is always better for improving handling on the road.   Schmittparts has observed that social media comments when repeated often enough seem to become accepted wisdom. A case in point are aluminium brakes shoes: - “There is a reason why RSM / FMR abandoned Aluminium brake shoes relatively early on Ok for museum cars and might be acceptable on the rear brake” Very early ones had an issue with the spring holes becoming elongated and they are a bit squeaky having said that they work just fine both front and back and reduce sprung weight. Schmittparts accordingly offer Aluminium at £56 a set of two shows – that’s a £10 discount heavier shoe.